Our skilled team identify your eyecare needs

At Harrington Eyecare we have a team of qualified optometrists skilled in assessing your vision and eyecare needs, fitting of contact lenses and able to identify potential sight threatening conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration.

We're optometrists, not sales people

We have a strong philosophy of offering suggestions and advice as opposed to just 'selling' you something. Our optometrists are backed up by experienced dispensing opticians and optometric assistants to assist you with finalizing your eyewear selection from a wide range of over 1200 fashionable and functional frames for your new glasses.

We firmly believe that looking good is only half the battle and we make recommendations as to the type of spectacle lens which would suit your needs and lifestyle. We have relationships with all the major optical lens companies so we have the ability to offer a wide range of lens designs and types.

Continuing education is important and all of our optometrists undertake at least 20 hours of continuing education to build on their knowledge and skills.