Recommended links

Eye Health Information

  •  -  Information about eye health and conditions.
  •  -  A very useful resource with a superb section on "infant/child vision - for parents."
  •  -  Under "Your vision" - there is an excellent section on how the eye works, together with how some different visual defects can be best corrected.
  •  -  A Harvard Medical Schools on-line database. Where it says "enter a search name," type in the word "eyes" ... then search from there.
  •  -  A charitable trust to eliminate blindness from Glaucoma.
  • - 1 in 7 people over 50 will get Macular Degeneration. Information & resources.
  • - Keratoconus NZ is an information site produced by experienced keratoconus practitioner Peter Walker. 
    It was developed for people with keratoconus and their families to gain a deeper understanding of the condition. 


Many of Harrington Eyecare suppliers have official websites. The following represents some of our suppliers. You will see many more brands within each of our practices than you will see within this links section.

Optometry Organisations

New Zealand

  •  -  NZ Association of Optometrists
  •  -  NZ Optics - NZ Optical monthly magazine
  •  -  The New Zealand Society of Contact Lens Practitioners
  •  -  Auckland University - Department of Optometry and Vision Science
  •  -  The Optometry Council of Australia and New Zealand website. This site is for the information and guidance of overseas-trained optometrists wanting to register as an optometrist in Australia or New Zealand.
  •  -  Australia and New Zealand's Leading Ophthalmic Magazine.

Overseas Organisations

  •  -  The World Council of Optometry (WCO) is an international organization dedicated to the enhancement and development of eye and vision care worldwide.
  •  -  Australian Optometry Association
  •  -  British Association of Optometrists
  •  -  Optometry today, is the British, fortnightly Optometry journal/magazine.
  •  -  The Contact Lens Council (CLC) is an American non-profit organisation serving as an educational resource on vision correction for consumers. The primary goal of the CLC is to promote the safe use of contact lenses.

Associated Industry Groups

  •  -  New Zealand Ministry of Health
  •  -  General information from the Royal NZ Foundation of the Bind. Including information on how to sponsor the Guide Dog Puppy Programme.
  •  -  The Fred Hollows Foundation
  •  -  This is a resource programme to advocate and provide for people with retinal dystrophies.
  •  -  New Zealand's most extensive online directory of health professionals, organisations, specialists, jobs and conferences.

Where we work and live

  •  -  Nelson Tasman Tourism, everything you ever wanted to know about the Nelson region, excellent links
  •  -  Nelson Dental Centre have been providing quality individualised dental care for people in and around Nelson, New Zealand since 1975.
  • - Uniquely Nelson is the marketing body that promotes Nelson City as a vibrant and unique destination with a diversity of offerings including retail, hospitality, arts & culture, business and services.